Time to start your project

No matter what: travel blog, wallpaper shop or your self-written service - we deliver the machine for your ideas! Thanks to our universal hosting platform, you can focus entirely on your project. With our manual and many guides for all levels of knowledge you will always reach your goal. We support you in launching your website and best of all, you decide what you want to pay!

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100 % friendly, zero fuss, no frills

Our job is to not stand in your way. You get the advantages of a modern hosting company and all the possibilities to realize your idea. If you want to get it done and you’re stuck, our support is ready to help. You can be a beginner asking rookie questions (which is great!) or you can be advanced or a pro at the terminal. We treat you equally, no matter your technical expertise.

Fair, sustainable, data-economical

You support our fair treatment: To our suppliers, to our employees, the environment and to you. You also promote the use of green energy because that’s how our servers are running. Sustainability is important to us which is why we like to travel by rail or bike. We are also data-economical and privacy-aware: You only need an email address to use our service.

Any language, every budget

It’s very technical and sophisticated to run as many servers as we do. Still, we offer fair pricing, a wide selection of supported programming languages and a reliable server uptime.

You ask, all of us learn

Your questions help us build our knowledge base, and improve it. Customer service is not a pain in the ding dong for us. We encourage you to ask as often and as in-depth as you can. We appreciate every question, and if there is an answer we guide you to the respective entry in our knowledge base or find the right words to explain it in plain English.

The Linux you love + Powerful hardware = Endless possibilities

You get all the freedom of the Linux shell you know running on our powerful hardware. Host your homepage, store git repositories, compile your own software or run your own web service. You can do it all!

Pay what you think is right

Seriously! There are no minimum contract terms and the first month is free of charge: no risk, no small print, no hidden pitfalls.

Shared Knowledge Base

We explain what you can do with your Uberspace and help you get started. We provide the right amount of information: No gibberish, no misunderstandings, no secrets. And if you have questions, our support team is always there for you.