Time to start your project

No matter what: travel blog, wallpaper shop or your self-written service - we deliver the machine for your ideas! Thanks to our universal hosting platform, you can focus entirely on your project. With our manual and many guides for all levels of knowledge you will always reach your goal. We support you in launching your website and best of all, you decide what you want to pay!

a cartoony drawing of a server stack


At eye level

We are the friendly hosting company from next door - without frills, full of possibilities. We are as data economical as possible: All you need to sign up is an e-mail address. In case something does not work out as planned, our support team is always available to lend you a helping hand.


We are fair from head to toe: To our suppliers, to our employees, the environment and to you. Our servers are run using green electricity and we like to travel by rail or bike.

Flexible and reliable

We offer a technically sophisticated product without unnecessary restrictions for a price of your choice. So whatever programming language you prefer or how much money you have - we’re more than happy to host your project.

Open and communicative

Our documentation is constantly being improved. Feedback is not lost with us but highly appreciated!


We offer all the freedom of a normal Linux shell on powerful hardware - no matter if you want to host your homepage or git repos, compile your own software or run your own service: the possibilities are endless!


You pay what you think is right. Seriously! There is no minimum contract terms and the first month is free of charge: no risk, no small print, no hidden pitfalls.


We explain what you can do with your Uberspace and help you to get started. Thanks to our experience, we provide exactly the right amount of information: No gibberish, no misunderstandings, no secrets.