House rules

An important part of our values is a peaceful, tolerant and respectful coexistence. Since values and opinions can differ and we are aware that yours may not always agree with ours, we have created house rules for our platform. These technical, social and legal rules are the guideline for our actions and at the same time the limits to what type of content we offer a platform. For a good cooperation we ask you to respect these rules.


  • You are allowed to use 1000 GB traffic per month per account.
  • A maximum of 60 mails per hour may be sent per account. The mail size is limited to a maximum of 25 MB per mail.
  • Mass mailings such as newsletters are not allowed.
  • Please respect the limit of 200 recipients for mailing lists.
  • Limit processes, that need a lot of resources or I/O. This includes compilers and transcoding tools like ffmpg.
  • crypto miners (e.g. Bitcoin) and volunteer computing projects (e.g. SETI@HOME) are not allowed.


  • You must comply with all legal requirements, in particular the protection of minors and the imprint obligation.
  • We do not tolerate discriminatory behavior and content promoting or advocating the oppression of members of marginalized groups. These groups may be characterized by any of the following (though this list is naturally incomplete): ethnicity, gender identity or expression, sexual identity or expression, physical characteristics or age, disability or illness, nationality, residency, citizen status, wealth or education, religious affiliation, agnosticism or atheism.
  • This includes conspiracy narratives or other reactionary myths supporting or leading to the above-mentioned (and/or similar) behavior.
  • We do not tolerate threatening behavior, stalking, doxxing and mobbing, including name-calling, intentional misgendering or deadnaming.
  • We do not tolerate violent nationalist propaganda, Nazi symbolism or promoting the ideology of National Socialism.

  • You must comply with legal requirements, in particular youth protection requirements and the imprint obligation.
  • If requested by the public prosecutor’s office (“Staatsanwaltschaft”), we must immediately block the account in question.
  • In the event that you process data of third parties on our platform, we offer a contract for order processing.


If you have any questions or if you suspect that any content violates these rules, please contact us at In the manual you can furthermore find our policy guideline.


Deadnaming is the use of the birth or other former name of a trans person without their consent.
To refer to a person using the wrong gender and/or pronouns. This can happen unintentionally but often happens to harm or hurt a person.
Researching and publicly broadcasting personal or identifying information about a person, especially with the intent to harm them.