The essence of our hosting platform is sharing: we provide enough resources for everyone and sufficient headroom to handle traffic spikes on your site. We always keep the systems up to date and take care of maintenance so you have the time to focus on your project.

We already prepared the essentials so that you can get started right away: Apache webserver with HTTPS certificates from Let’s Encrypt and secure presets, modern development environments like PHP, Python, Ruby, .NET Core and NodeJS, MySQL databases, a basic mail setup. A subdomain in the form of is included, you can add as many external domains as you like.

  • Subdomain included:
  • As many external domains as you want
  • HTTPS for all domains
  • 10 to 100 GB of storage
  • SSH and SFTP access
  • daily and weekly backups

We don’t allocate fixed computing power to you. This is to your advantage: In general, you have considerably more resources at your disposal than you actually need. We make sure that our systems are designed to be powerful enough for all kinds of purposes.

Of course, our data centers run exclusively on renewable energy. We obtain our servers from Thomas‑Krenn.AG, based and manufacturing in Germany.


You contribute a monthly amount of your choice from which we pay our hardware, infrastructure, and staff. If you are able to pay a little more, you will help us all to become better. If you can’t afford much, others will support you. We don’t want to count beans, we want to join forces.

To find a suitable contribution for you and us is not that simple! To support you we provide three reference values:

BUDGET (EUR5 / month)

Your budget’s not that big right now? No problem! With the contribution of EUR5 per month you help us not to overload our servers and to keep the number of users per Uberspace Host on a moderate level. Fewer users per host means more resources for everyone.

STANDARD (EUR10 / month)

With our competitors you get a comparable performance in many areas from about EUR10 per month. With this contribution you make sure that we can develop new features faster and can invest even more time in our support.

SOLIDARY (EUR15 / month)

Would you like some more? With pleasure! With EUR15 per month you support our idea that all people should get a voice on the internet - even those who couldn’t afford it without you. Thank you for your solidarity!

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The first month with us is free-of-charge. We want you to stay with us because you are convinced, so you can evaluate everything without any restrictions.


If you’re short of cash for a month, that’s no problem with us! Your desired price can be adjusted directly each month - upwards and downwards - without giving any reasons.


You can leave at any time and are not bound by long contract terms. As long as you recharge your account, we run your Space for you. If you no longer top it up, we deactivate it. It’s that simple!

payment methods

Choose by yourself: From instant to completely anonymous!

  • credit card: Visa / MasterCard / Amex
  • Apple Pay
  • IBAN/SEPA Credit Transfer
  • Cash payment by mail


We explain what you can do with your Uberspace and help you to get started. Thanks to our experience, we provide exactly the right amount of information: No gibberish, no misunderstandings, no secrets.


In our Uberlab you will find uniform and easy to understand Step-by-step instructions for installing various tools. And because everybody can get involved in the Uberlab, the list is growing constantly!


We are always at your side with practical advice: fast, competent and pragmatic. If you need help or have any questions, get in touch and we will take care of your needs. In most cases you will get an answer within one working day.